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Remarks: Roger-Mark De Souza, Wilson Center
Keynote Speaker: Rolf Anderson, USAID

Glen Anderson, Engility Corporation
Peter Schultz, ICF International
John Furlow, USAID (Presentation I and II)

The Advancing Climate-Resilient Development Symposium kicked off with opening remarks from the
Wilson Center’s Roger-Mark De Souza and USAID’s Global Climate Change Director Rolf Anderson. The
session led by John Furlow from USAID provided an overview of the symposium and introduced the
Climate-Resilient Development Framework and associated USAID activities.

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                           Opening Plenary
                           Introduction to the USAID Climate Resilient Development Framework
                           Lessons Learned from the Climate-Resilient Development Framework
Additional materials: Climate Resilient Development Framework report

Speaker: Pablo Suarez, Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre

Pablo Suarez of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre presented an energetic, interactive lunch keynote highlighting various applications of climate-resilient development using adaptation simulation games.

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Moderator: Jenny Frankel-Reed


Mary A. Ackley


Michael Cote

Engility Corporation

Glen Anderson

Engility Corporation

Charlotte Mack

ICF International

Alton Byers

The Mountain Institute

Joanne Potter

ICF International

Edward R. Carr

University of South Carolina

Joel Smith

Stratus Consulting

Jonathan Cook


Jason Vogel

Stratus Consulting

A closer look at the Climate-Resilient Development (CRD) Framework and several sector-specific annexes. 
Lessons learned from applying the CRD Framework in national and local adaptation planning were discussed, as well as implementation through small grants and various other pilot activities around the world.

View Session Video: Part I
Part II

Speaker: Rolf Anderson, USAID

An evening with the Climate Change Resilient Development (CCRD) project team and partners included
opening remarks from Rolf Anderson, the Director of USAID’s Global Climate Change Office.