Annual Implementation Reports

annual report
Annual and Quarterly Reports
Fiscal year 2012 – fiscal year 2015

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Description: The CCRD team prepares annual implementation reports and quarterly implementation reports that summarize implementation progress and project expenditures during each reporting period under the CCRD contract. Annual reports summarize CCRD program activities undertaken during the annual reporting period of August through September, in coordination with USAID’s fiscal year. The reports describe project management, planning, and evaluation activities, and progress toward three objectives:  1) support for USAID missions and bureaus, 2) coordination with other U.S. government agencies to support mainstreaming, and 3) identification and response to emerging issues and filling gaps. Quarterly reports provide project updates at three points during the annual reporting period; the annual report serves as the fourth quarterly report. (Note that fiscal year 2012 has four quarterly reports, in addition to an annual report.)  The quarterly reports provide information on topics such as: (1) progress made toward fulfilling the project’s results, (2) implementation issues, obstacles encountered, and/or achievement of targets, and (3) proposed changes to the project work plan.

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