Climate-resilient Development Framework

CCRD Framework
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Climate-Resilient Development: A Framework for Understanding and Addressing Climate Change
March 2014

CCRD Program(s)
: Climate-resilient Development Framework

Description: This report describes the Climate-resilient Development Framework, a “development-first” approach to climate change adaptation. The framework recommends practitioners use climate analyses to complement those normally undertaken in the course of development planning; this helps ensure that current and future climate variability does not hinder progress on existing development goals. The intended audience for this report includes development and adaptation practitioners; city planners; resource managers; and other decision-makers in national, regional, and local governments.

The report discusses the rationale behind climate-resilient development and describes the five stages of the framework. Other key content includes:  an adaptation-focused glossary, a compilation of resources for scoping actions, a list of potential assessment criteria for adaptation options, examples of relevant project work from Jamaica and the Philippines, and a guide to sector-specific direct and indirect climate impacts.

Related Topics: Asia, Latin America/Caribbean, agriculture, water