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PDF, Technical Report, 7.7 MB, 72 pps
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Kazakhstan Stakeholder Consultations--Workshop Report February-March 2013
April 2013

CCRD Program(s): Kazakhstan

Description: This technical report details the findings of four stakeholder workshops that USAID helped conduct as part of a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project called “Improving the Climate Resiliency of Kazakhstan Wheat and Central Asian Food Security.” Participants in one workshop were national-level policy makers and stakeholders; participants in the other three workshops were farmers and local authorities. Small group exercises included discussions of the top problems facing the wheat sector, decision-making at the farm level, perceptions of climate change and potential impacts on the wheat sector, assessing vulnerability to climate change and variability, and options for addressing vulnerability.

Related Topics: Adaptive technology, adaptive practice/behavior, extreme weather events, precipitation changes, temperature changes, Asia, agriculture