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ID: 011
The Climate Change Resilient Development Project: Integrating Climate into the Development Decision-making Process
May 2014

CCRD Program(s):  Adaptation Partnership, Climate-resilient Development Framework, Climate Services, High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP), Small Grants

Description: USAID stresses the importance of integrating climate into the development decision-making process. This fact sheet summarizes the purpose and key activities of the USAID CCRD project. It also presents a diagram explaining the five stages of the CCRD framework (i.e., Scope, Assess, Design, Implement, and Evaluate).

Related Topics: Extreme weather events, glacial events, Africa, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean, agriculture

CCRD Calling card
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ID: 009
Climate Resilient Development: Building Climate Resilience to Safeguard Development Gains

CCRD Program(s)
: Climate-resilient Development Framework, High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP)

Description: This fact sheet provides an overview of USAID's work to help developing countries build their resilience to climate change today and in the future, which will help protect current development gains and future development outcomes. The fact sheet discusses how USAID supports (1) access to science and analysis for decision-making by focusing on climate services, which produce, interpret, share, and use knowledge about climate and weather to support decision-making, policy, and planning; (2) effective governance systems, assisting partner countries to take leadership roles on adaptation as they plan for development; and (3) climate resilience, creating new tools to help developing countries implement adaptation measures quickly and effectively.

Related Topics: Adaptive practice/behavior, disaster response, extreme weather events, glacial events, precipitation changes, sea level rise, temperature changes, Africa, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean, agriculture, coastal, tourism, water