CCRD Products Related to the Transportation Sector

PDF, Technical Report, 4.9 MB, 52pps
ID: 004, B2

Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Infrastructure: Preparing for Change
December 2013

CCRD Program(s): Climate Resilient Infrastructure Services (CRIS), Climate Resilient Development Framework

Description: This technical report includes a series of fact sheets describing climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in the context of USAID's Climate Resilient Development (CRD) Framework. The fact sheets cover nine infrastructure categories: transportation, potable water, sanitation systems, solid waste management, energy systems, information and communications technology, flood-control structures, cultural heritage assets, and buildings. Four major themes emerge from the fact sheets: 1) the importance of infrastructure to developing countries, 2) the unique aspects of infrastructure in the context of climate change, 3) the potential impacts of climate change on infrastructure assets and services, and 4) the basic principles for understanding and implementing an adaptive management approach.

Related Topics: Adaptation research, adaptive practice/behavior, disaster response, innovative governance, protection, extreme weather events, precipitation changes, sea level rise, temperature changes, infrastructure, transportation, water

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ID: 060
Climate Change Resilient Development 

CCRD Program(s)
: Adaptation Partnership, Climate Services,  National Adaptation Planning and Implementation

Description: This fact sheet provides an overview of USAID's CCRD project, as envisioned at the beginning of the project. CCRD activities increase the resilience of people, assets, and livelihoods to climate change impacts by integrating adaptation strategies into the broader development agenda and inducing donors, governments, and the private sector to invest in cost-effective adaptive strategies. The CCRD program focuses on three areas, providing: 1) support to USAID Bureaus and Missions through the development and dissemination of guidance, training, and capacity-building to strengthen the agency’s portfolio of adaptation projects, as well as the mainstreaming of climate concerns into other programs and projects; 2) coordination and support for activities related to U.S. Government climate change programs, including the Adaptation Partnership and Partnership Workshops programs; and 3) technical leadership in emerging areas of climate vulnerability and adaptation that need further innovation, including glaciers and mountains, climate services, and climate-resilient long-term planning.

Related Topics
: Extreme weather events, glacial events, precipitation changes, sea level rise, temperature changes, agriculture, coastal, health, infrastructure, water

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ID: 033
Use Scenarios and User Narratives: Vietnam Climate Impacts Decision Support Tool
August 2014

CCRD Program(s)
: Climate-resilient Development Framework

Description: This technical report is one of a series of documents that guided the customization of the Vietnam Climate Impacts Decision Support Tool (CIMPACT-DST), a tool that USAID helped develop to support urban planning in Vietnam. The document provides information about situations in which planners, engineers, and managers could apply the tool and the steps they could take to use the tool to identify and apply climate information and adaptation strategies for urban planning. Tool users follow four steps: (1) Enter project information, (2) Specify the project planning horizon, (3) Determine the project's climate-related hazard exposure, (4) Consider the tool’s output – anticipated climate impacts specific to the project, climate impact projections, secondary sector-specific impacts, and sector-specific guidelines and recommendations.

Related Topics: Adaptive practice/behavior, precipitation changes, sea level rise, temperature changes, Asia, infrastructure, transportation, water

Climate services
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ID: 028
The Value of Climate Services Across Economic and Public Sectors: A Review of Relevant Literature
October 2013

CCRD Program(s)
: Climate Services

Description: This report summarizes a review of literature related to the use and value of climate services – including information such as observational climate data, climate system monitoring, and climate projections. The report lists the practical applications and benefits metrics of climate services for various economic and public sectors, including agriculture, energy, water, fisheries, transportation, tourism, and disaster management. The report also covers the key issues associated with the research conducted to date and describes the factors affecting the value of climate services, the barriers, the next steps for continued research, and the need to raise awareness of the value of climate services.

Related Topics: Adaptation research, agriculture, coastal, infrastructure, natural resources management, tourism, transportation, water