CCRD Webinars

(NEW) Building Climate Resilient Cities: Innovative Approaches to Common Challenges

This webinar shared tools and innovative practices for building city-level resilience to climate change, including those developed under USAID’s Climate Resilient Infrastructure Services (CRIS) program, an initiative of CCRD. Cities face challenges from rapid growth; pressure to meet immediate short term needs at the expense of long term sustainability; a lack of coordination between departments and with regional and national counterparts; and limited technical knowledge, financial resources, access to climate data, and capacity to manage risks posed by climate change. The webinar focus was on practical approaches for promoting resilience in cities, including tools and resources developed by CRIS.

Through presentations and Q&A, participants explored the following strategies to address these challenges and build urban resilience:
Increasing the capacity of cities in developing countries to promote climate resilient strategies
Mainstreaming climate change considerations into municipal decision making
Developing easy-to-use tools and resources tailored to cities’ local contexts
Getting to implementation of adaptation options for increasing climate resilience

See below to download the event PowerPoint PDF.

Climate Impacts Decision Support Tool Lessons Learned

Engility/IRG and Cascadia Consulting Group held a one hour webinar Tuesday, June 23, 2015 to share lessons learned from a successful urban planning and climate adaptation pilot activity called Climate Impact Decision Support Tool (CIMPACT-DST). CIMPACT-DST is one of several climate adaptation-related pilots, projects, and activities under USAID’s high-profile Climate Change Resilient Development (CCRD) project, a 4 year, $31M, global contract managed by Engility/IRG. In Vietnam, CIMPACT-DST supports integration of climate change considerations into planning activities in several cities and provinces. First piloted in the coastal city of Hue, the tool was quickly picked up by dozens of communities and provinces across Vietnam. The success of the pilot is due in large part to incorporating long-term sustainability techniques in the design and implementation phases. Lessons learned from implementation are covered in the webinar. The recording will allow you to download the presentation, documents, reports, and assessments. Practitioners and stakeholders from as far away as Columbia, Croatia, South Africa, and Nepal participated in the webinar. See below to download the event PowerPoint PDF.

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Jul 30, 2015, 12:15 PM
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Jun 25, 2015, 9:27 AM