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Annex: Coasts

Climate Change and Coastal Zones: An Annex to the USAID Climate-resilient Development Framework
December 2014
This publication synthesizes relevant climate science to make the CCRD framework useful for coastal managers and development practitioners. It summarizes climate and non-climate stressors affecting the coastal zone and identifies key strategies that can help integrate climate concerns into planning, programs, and projects. The document discusses specific adaptation actions that can reduce coastal vulnerabilities, illustrates examples of coastal adaptation actions, and offers ways to effectively evaluate adaptation options. The publication also suggests resources for further reading and provides information briefs on various international adaptation projects, including: mangrove management (Ghana, Indonesia, and Dominican Republic); disaster preparation and recovery (Philippines, India, Caribbean); relocation (Honduras, Kiribati, and Alaska); sustainable fisheries management (Philippines and Madagascar); erosion control (Mozambique);  climate-smart development (Vietnam);  flood-proof infrastructure (Micronesia and Bangladesh); water adaptation (Tobago); addressing sea level rise (Costa Rica); and national adaptation planning (coastal West African countries).