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Annex: Vulnerability Assessments

The Climate Vulnerability Assessment: An Annex to the USAID Climate-resilient Development Framework provides an introduction to vulnerability assessments (VAs) and specific ideas for structuring an actionable, credible, and useful assessment. The primary audience for this document is those who are designing and managing VAs,

usaid vulnerability assessment guidance
not those carrying them out. It is written for a general audience that includes both USAID staff and broader audiences. This document is one of several annexes to USAID's Climate-Resilient Development Framework. It is organized into four sections followed by additional resources. With a special focus on early decision making, Section 2 introduces readers to a range of possible questions that help frame VAs at the country, sector, project, or local levels. Once this context has been established, Section 3 discusses some of the basic concepts that underpin most VAs. Section 4 provides a concise exploration of the methodologies, techniques, tools, resources, and likely outputs for designing and carrying out VAs. And Section 5 briefly discusses how the VA process is a primary input into the decision making for adaptation planning and actions.

The document concludes with references and five appendices to further assist practitioners in implementing successful adaptation measures.