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Annex: Governance

Governing for Resilience: An Annex to the USAID Climate-resilient Development Framework
May 2015
Development initiatives that identify and foster policies, laws, and institutional mechanisms that promote and facilitate adaptive governance can significantly strengthen climate resilience. This report demonstrates how to incorporate governance into climate-resilient development to avoid undermining goals through insufficient enforcement of regulations, inadequate communication with key stakeholders, or poor coordination across government agencies. This publication draws on real-world examples from countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique, Bhutan, Trinidad, Tobago, the Cayman Islands, Jordan, Jamaica, Namibia, Pakistan, Panama, and the Philippines. Content includes a list of suggested resources for further reading and information on how to consider property rights and resource tenure systems within the context of climate-resilient development. Appendices provide a set of practical tools for development practitioners, including sets of sample questions that map to the stages of USAID’s climate-resilient development framework, resources for governance assessments, and approaches to improving governance.